the best daddy ever

 We are soaking up each second of summer.
The plan was for a surprise boat ride but the surprise was the boat tour was sold out yet again.
So we turned lemons into lemonade, not hard to do with these boys!  Off to the rides!

 How lucky they are to have this hand to hold them, guide them and to pick them up when they fall.

 Will those small hands someday heal and love like the large ones do?  Is that wisdom I see in your eyes already?
 ...or just ice cream!
 And what about your hands Big Brother? 
Will they follow your Daddy's path?
Your art work amazes me each day and also reminds me of your Daddy's artistic talent.

 Sharing secrets....
 I love those smiles!

 I hope these boys know how lucky they are to have the big guy as their Daddy.

What a great summer.
What great boys.

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