Back to School Talent Night 2012

Our annual talent night was a big success!
The back to school theme was a perfect idea.
 To practice my photography skills I set up a little photo station.
I borrowed the desk from my Dad but the rest I had squirreled away in my studio :)
 Party favors we so easy to make.
I print my cards at Costco on 4x6 paper and cut them in half. Yeah! for 9 cent prints!

 Adorable families are so easy to shoot!

 And so are adorable boys!

 ...and girls!

 And rascals!
 Big Brother was a fantastic host.  He welcomed as many guests as he could and also made a good effort in thanking guests for coming.
 The talents included balloon artists, poetry, jokes, songs, dancing, trampolining-it really was a festival of talented children!
 And the audience was so well behaved!

 The potluck this year was a new idea.  I want to have a potluck every night now!  What a great way to share recipes!  I ate half a chocolate zucchini cake. Seriously, I ate half the cake.

 What? Done already!
This little guy will work on having a talent of sharing for next year, he wouldn't let anyone near his new red car....
I will wait for you until next year magical beet dip!

What a great experiecen in hosting and having fun for this little guy.  He really helped out with so many aspects of the party.  Here  he is helping me put chairs away. I have never been so proud!  What a great event!

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Jerri-lea said...

SO MUCH FUN! Thanks again for a fabulous evening!! <3 from Us