barn sale

 Oh My.
A school Mom told me about a barn sale.
I have never been to a barn sale before.
It was so picturesque. Only a short drive from the city.
Down a long winding road to a beautiful barn.....
 ...full of treasure!
 I hit the mother load of fireking cups.
I love the box too!
Big Brother loved the barn and the holes in the floor that let you peek down below.
Little brother loved the dogs, or the 'arffs" as he calls them.
I could have stayed all day looking through drawers and cupboards filled with beautiful old treasures.
On the way home my Dad said he could do that everyday and not get tired of it.
An afternoon in the country in a beautiful old red barn with a hot Tim Horton's steeped tea, 3 of my 4 favorite boys and a trunk full of could I!

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Jerri-lea said...

Look at that mother load!!! Well done!