This perfect little guy played a beautiful concert after a yummy Thanksgiving feast today.
He loved it and I was so proud.  He announced what he wanted to play so sweetly and confidently. "And now I will play a one note twinkle". 
I am so very thankful for him and his love of music.
 He also made sweet pumpkin place cards for all the guests. 
Eight names is a very big job when you are four.
 I am thankful for this sweet baby.  He eats so well.  Really well.
I am really thankful he is able to eat and join us in our celebration.
I am thankful for his words. He newest word is "me".  Melt my heart.
 Our table was small but the food was plenty.  Nana not quite up to coming over but her tricks can be seen here.  Do you seethe tiny x's on the brussel sprouts? She taught me that.
 I love getting a chance to use my second hand medalta bowls.
I am thankful for the time my Dad and I spend treasure hunting.
 I am thankful to the "Dad" who made me a "Mom".

I am thankful I got to use my vintage dessert plates in our warm and happy home.
They make me feel so girly in a house full of boys.
So many reasons to be thankful!


Niki said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I love that Canada's and America's celebrations are a month apart because i get inspired and ready for my holiday reading about yours.
BTW, in the first pic of lil brother, he is a dead giveaway of his dad.

Jerri-lea said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so lucky and thankful to have you as a friend!