Piano December Ideas

 November was a busy month for piano. 
 We worked hard to prepare for a concert that was just a few days ago.
To help keep our practices on track I pulled out the teacher chalk board!
Each week during practice our piano teachers asks us to focus on different things for each song.
Honeybee is new so we just work on fingering and notes.
I Love You we need to work on short note, long note, soft/short note.
Twinkle Twinkle is all about holding the note and Run Santa Run Santa is about quick and bouncy notes.  Needless to say there is much to remember.
But the reward is so great.
Piano is teaching us patience and rewarding us with new skills.
I learn so much about teaching, children, music, myself, my son, our relationship after every lesson my mind is whirling.
Piano is making me a better Mom. 


Niki said...

The piano seat that rises and the giant foot box cracks me up.

Laura said...

These are such great ideas! So adorable.
Have you tried something like http://www.musicinpractice.com? With my kids, I have found making music practice fun can make a big difference in a child’s learning!