I have a closet full of puzzles your big brother never touched.
 You pull this one off the shelf yourself (clash! bang!), turn it over and put the pieces back in. 
 Too many times a day to count!
I love to watch you learn.
Your new word this week are: yes, cuckoo, nine, two and go.
You love the book Go Dog Go.
You eat a full breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, have corn bran for a mid breakfast snack before your blueberry smoothie.  At 10am you need a banana and a Tim Horton's Blueberry/cranberry muffin or Mommy's mini banana bread.  Lunch is lighter. Usually a yogurt(thanks you IOGO-all natural!) and fresh fruit with a few plain Cheerios.  You ask for a cracker once a week (or less) so you've had the odd Ritz cracker for a treat too. 
You use the potty like champ and have been waking up dry-wow not bad for 18months!  Your Dad is your best friend, you cry every morning as he leaves for work and ask for him at least 6 or 7 times a day. 
You cuddle and kiss and snuggle so sweetly I am cherishing every second.  You are sweet and stubborn and strong and determined.  You know what you want and are not afraid to take it-even it is your older brothers!  You are loved!
Your favorite place to go is Pa's house.  You can say both those words very clearly. 

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