art show clay handbuilding

 We have a home full of snails, fish, butterflies and trees.
 The snails are super cute.

 Just about as cute as my little artist!

Who knew that a major in art could bring so much joy.
Don't get me wrong, five years of looking at slides of art on a Tuesday night art history class at University while eating corn ships made me very happy when I was 17 through 22, this is just a new happy. (We used to get in trouble for talking and eating and giggling-we were so bad!)
I just received a new contract with the same University I used to attend.
I love my job, four years has flown by. 
  Completing my masters was a great decision. I can't believe I stay home with my kids AND still keep my career. 
Making snails, thick text books and a healthy mind.

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