art day


 Being five is like a being in a world of new doors each with something interesting to offer.
I spent a few hours Wednesday am with his class working with clay.
So we spent three hours at home, just us, creating while our minds raced with ideas and our fingers hurried with tools.
 We talked.  I listened.
 He tried new tools in new ways.  He was so happy with his new techniques.

He loves fish. He could eat fish everyday. He made clay fish.  The most beautiful clay fish I have ever seen.  His snails are spectacular.  The first few were difficult but by the 20th one he had no problems!  He wants to take the snails to the lake.  Perfect for the secret garden.

 Then this little guy came over.  Climbed up on his chair and as I passed him a few clay cut outs and tools he went right to work.  No directions needed.  He poked with toothpicks, pencils and tools.  Analyzing each mark he made.

Then glowed with accomplishment.
 It seems like yesterday he was a baby napping while I did this with his big brother. 
Both my boys, a box of clay and a warm home filled with a desire to create art and love.
Family day is technically tomorrow but today was one of my best family days ever!
Off to load the kiln...

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Jerri-Lea said...

I'm so glad that Little Brother is joining you and Big Brother in creating!! So much fun creating together!! We spent the day with chalk and watercolors!