Baking up a Storm on a Stormy Day

Whip It - my new secret weapon!

The Sprout and I did a few errands this morning and when the rain began we headed home...hmm stormy outside....let's bake bake up a storm of our own! We started with 3 dozen fresh blueberry muffins, made a fool proof but delicious blueberry crisp for Daddy and then the real fun began...cupcake time! The cupcakes were The Sprouts idea, he thought Hanzel and Gretel would love them as a special treat. I am very proud that I found a trick to help my icing keeps its fluff, it is called Whip It and it really whipped my cupcakes into flavourville AND cuteville!

Here is The Sprout helping me out in the kitchen...

Blueberry Muffins - perfect for back to school lunches.

My cutie cupcakes...

Gretel's review - the face says it all! You might notice that I skipped the raspberry on Gretel's cupcake and used sprinkles instead....I was thinking of my dear cousin Saucy would NEVER ruin a sweet child's cupcake with something healthy!

Mc Dreamy sharing his cupcake with The Sprout.


the fan said...

Our Baby is getting cuter by the day!
Nice lookin' cupcakes, Cupcake!

Saucy said...

'tis true! Give 'em sprinkles, they contain a very special vitamin that all kiddies need.

Also, The Fan and I were just discussin' Whip It! over the weekend as I dolled out the whipped cream on Veto's cheesecake. I'm not using it anymore... I've switched to using simple white sugar in my whipping cream instead of powdered sugar... what do you use? I think that white sugar acts as a stabilizer and you don't need to add any. Let me know if you try it.

scrappaleica said...

okay sweet sassy, I am officially hooked by your blog! I happen to think your cousin Sasha is one of the coolest girls I have ever met, and I love the similiarities that you share. I love how you both come up with the neatest nicknames for the "actors/resses" in your lives. Your little sprout is absolutely adorable!!!