In The Army Now!

Today was a big day for my cousin who joined the Army! The Sprout, Yoda and I were very pleased to be invited to the swearing in ceremony.

After the ceremony there was a family Bar-B-Que. With no more wedding to plan I have so much time on my hands I had a great time whipping up a few Camouflage Cupcakes with army men on top, Dog Tag name tags and Ration treat bags for this special event! I feel lucky to have been part of this special day for my very special cousin.

The Rations bags included: A Tootsie Roll to remind you to roll through the tough times, Gumballs to remind you to stick to it when times get tough and a Heart Sucker to remind you of all the family and friends you have that love and support you each step of your journey.

Here are a few nice pics for the memory books...


Saucy said...

Hey Adam got some pretty good rations there! He's a very good-looking soldier. Who would have ever thought??? Adam, a soldier.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Adam.... such a pretty baby and now what a tall, handsome guy!

And sweet niece did you make the cupcakes? Looks like camouflage netting? How...????do tell! xoxo the fan