purple party and photobox box

I love parties! Today a classmate is celebrating and I will pack up my cupcakes and join in the fun!In the invite I asked everyone to bring something purple and small....just for fun. Tonight they will see that each item will be placed in a photo box for the birthday girl. A fun idea and keepsake.
I am thinking of doing this project each year for my little guy's birthday using an invite and a few little objects from the day. Once he gets old enough we could make them and choose the items that go into the photo box together. Here are frames I did for his first 12 months and I am really glad I did. It was hard to narrow down 4 pictures for each frame and always reminds me how much travelling we did in one year!Here is the photo box. I like the wood plain for this project but the box could be easily painted or stained. I trimmed an invite and used pages from an old book for background, suiting for this smart girl also working hard on her masters! The edges will be filled with object friend bring-I started the box off and glued in a tiny purple porcelain bunny. The headbands are for us to wear tonight.....I made a few extras for those who forgot to wear something purple and they will make great party favors too! Oh and see the sweetest little button ring I whipped up with some hot glue and recycled buttons, a cute gift that fits our purple them just perfect!
Lastly congratulations to ......mlafayette! The first tip-and I still need them!
Shoot me an email so I can get your address and get those pots right to you! (csk133@mail.usask.ca)
I think I might even slip in a button ring to brighten your day too!


Jerri-Lea said...

You amaze me!! I do not know how you get it all done!!

the treat girl said...

What a SUPER CUTE idea!! Have fun partying!!!! Looooove the sprouts frames too :)