recycle fab finds!

Welcome readers for the finally of project #1.
Do you ever take on too many projects?
I know I do! After handing in two final assignments on Monday I decided to let the creative juices flow back into my brain.
Introducing my latest kijiji was 5 bucks and only about an hour of fixing up.
Well worth it for me because I was getting tired of climbing on the counter in my studio to reach the top shelves! ( I almost broke my neck last week when my foot slipped on potting soil but that's a story for another day!)

Please also note the cutest shoes EVER! They are not quite recycled but a great deal this sassy girl couldn't pass up at only $22 at your closest Wal-Mart. They are perfectly casual and yet sweet enough to wear with a soft flowing summer dress with a slight heal and super comfy material....they are actually destined to be my new summer shoes and I promise to wear them out well!
Ok, one project down only about 10 more to go!
What has you busy these days readers?


Crystal Allen said...

Oh it is just so lovely! I love the fabric that you picked out for it... and yes the shoes are simply adorable.

I've been keeping busy putting together my new sewing studio. I opened my business in October but my husband's brother was living in our spare room. He recently moved out and I've been busy converting it into a guest room/sewing room.

My favorite part is finding lovely things to put in it and inspire me. Your blog helps with that! Thank you!!!

Saucy said...

Oh Sweet Sassy you have no idea...

Photo shoots for Loopy and some of the Cheerios and other school mates!

Two really big pieces of jewelry I want to finish and blog.

Helping a pal make a statement piece to wear to a party this weekend with her new LBD and boots

4 year blogiversary and a big celebration giveaway

Hosting a new swap, need to get that set up and the deets out so everyone can register!

Order print packages of the Cheerio team pics we had done.

Finishing touches and "fluffing" on Loopy's new bathroom (Juicy Couture bathroom!)

And the Cheerios? They seem to still be hanging around, eating Pop Tarts and talking about boys.

And alas, I do not even have shoes for summer yet. Boo.

the treat girl said...

OMG!!! My mom still has that IDENTICAL step stool in her was from when my sister and I were little.........she also used for my kiddos to sit at the kitchen table with when they outgrew their high chair! ....and don't get me started on projects that need to be done.......

PamJ said...

That is so very retro and sassy! I like it :)