wish dish

My old school, the school I taught at before I went on maternity leave and then my masters leave, is celebrating their annual spring festival this weekend.

Spring Festival is so fun. They have games, food and my favorite-the silent auction (favorite in part because it is right beside the cake decorating contest! YUM!)

I thought I'd send out a few items for the auction.

Enjoy your new home little Bunnies!
Spring Festival reminds me of Fun Night as a child. Teachers ran games and kids could eat popcorn, candy and have fun playing all the games in the school. I loved going with my brothers and sister. One year my sisters' Miss Piggy Cake won 1st place in the cake contest. When my parents found out they realized that they forgot to take pictures and had to send my brothers back to bid on it in the cake auction so we could win it back. I'm sure it cost a pretty penny but they brought it home and we still laugh at the pictures and the memories.
Do you have a favorite school fundraiser memory?


Anonymous said...

Definately Fun Night! My best friend and I entered our cake into the contest and won 1st place as well!

Erin said...

Oh, me too! My best friend and I entered a cake decorating contest and right after we finished decorating it, my dog hopped up on the kitchen table and "sampled" it! Funny now...not so funny back then:)

Anonymous said...

that is too funny I remember that cake it was pretty ugly now that I think about it.