candy jewels

I picked up a few hard candy molds last spring and have been itching to use them. I finally was tipped to a great recipe from a friends Aunty-thanks Nic's Aunty!

The flavorings I purchased from Golda's Kitchen. I also get my stacks of cupcake wrappers there, I like they are Canadian and I don't have to pay tons of shipping and duty!
For the jewels I tried strawberry kiwi this time and they were delish! I still have some tweaking to do, the photos look great but up close the jewels need fine tuning so I'll get back to you later with a perfected technique-trust me it will require many hands!

Any ideas what I can use these yummy jewels for?

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Ellie said...

Years ago I decorated a small classroom Christmas tree with edible goodies. I used dried cranberries and popcorn on fishline, tiny gingerbreads (like your adorable ones), and hard candies that I carefully drilled through to put on hanging fishline hoops. (Your jewels would be gorgeous as edible decorations.) I assembled everything the night before so it was fresh and then let the kids loose on it the next afternoon. They were in utter disbelief that I was going to let them "eat the tree". So much fun.