do great in the small things

I am totally overwhelmed.
Masters, 2 year old, running a household, teaching.
The end is near. Well, for my classes at least.
Today I have my last Saturday class presentation.
I have been putting together my presentation for a few weeks but I kept feeling it was lacking a certain something.
Then, I found this quote on a stamp.
Do Great
in the Small Things
It was perfect for my topic of assessment.
Perfect for teachers.
Perfect for Moms.
Just perfect.
The quote reminds me to try my best even when tired, cranky, hungry, busy or just being a Mom, Student and Wife.
People don't always notice the small things but as the gift giving season rolls around it reminds me to skip the one a year big gift and rather do nice things, maybe many small things all year long.
The quote also reminds me to let supper be a little late if it means playing trucks or reading a story with my favorite 2 year old for a few more minutes.
So if you get crazy busy like me and need a sanity saver try doing great it the small things, it sure feels good!
(p.s.-the cute little bags will hold my favorite tiny organic candies. I will share them with my classmates so they too can contemplate the quote over my invigorating presentation on assessment :)


Anonymous said...

Well said! I need to remember this...maybe post it on my bathroom mirror?!

Niki said...

Great quote and i love those little bags.
Congrats on almost being done with class.