coach gift card

I have a great husband. Really great.
He travels to great places for work, I vaguely remember accompanying him on many travels up until our son turned 1.5. After 3 plane changes a 6 hour delay getting home and the total destruction of our stroller I called an official family travelling quits until.......I'm not sure when.
To numb the pain of being home bound my great husband often, ok, ALWAYS, brings me home a present. It is usually a little blue box but his last few trips have been to Coach upon my request. Last month he went to San Fransisco, his hotel was on Post Street-Tiffany's to the left and Coach to the right. Perfect.
So just this week when I brought in the mail I wasn't surprised to see a card from Coach, the hand written address was a nice touch but I know the girls at Coach are nice like that. When my great husband got home he passed the envelope to me (it was addressed to him) I opened it with a fluttering in my tummy. A $50 gift card-wow! And the nice note......hmmmm...Lovely Rose...I LOVE you! My husband went on to explain that he didn't think he did anything to overly impress the sales girls but I think he earned points for being one of the few trendy males to pick out and purchase his wife's accessories. I'm thrilled and although a little in shock over the gift card, I'll use it and smile each time I use my new matching poppy tartan wallet that my husband is as charming now as the day I met him!


Niki said...

Congrats on both the free stuff and the FABULOUS hubby; i vicariously enjoy both.

Kari said...

I just wanted to let you know.... I found a link to you for a review for Spa Academy ... I get a groupon email and i have their app to update me everyday(a very cool discount coupon, if I'd might say)

Thought it was pretty cool to see your blog link