-40 something and our new word

While wandering to halls of Wal+mart we came across a good -40 activity to do.
We welcomed Snap, Krackle and Pop into our home for the first time! It was very exciting to make a new recipe. I think I heard the word recipe over 100 times in the 10 minutes it took to whip up this easy treat.

Not exactly fine cuisine but a super fun activity that this chef took very seriously!

I like that the treats took only a few minutes so I could get back to standing in front of our fireplace to keep warm.

*note to self, ask the girls for a better idea for a stool!
I had no idea until I downloaded the pics for a closer look!


the treat girl said...

What?! This is his first batch?? I'm SURE there will be MANY more to follow!!!! P.S. I loooove your pink batter bowl :)

Niki said...

Rice Krispie treats are the best EVER!