baby on the brain

With big brother moving into a big boy bed and new room so smoothly I find myself dreaming of what to do with the nursery.

I like things pretty plain but there are two huge frames with newborn images of big brother that need to be swapped out for the little bundle on the way.

I played with fonts, a favorite past time, and came up with this attempt at word art I think I'll enlarge for one frame.

Simple fun for $12 for a 16X20 at COSTCO.

Next up......sewing new sheets for the crib!

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Jerri-Lea said...

I'm sure you've played with it already but you should try If you type a word in more than once it will appear bigger than the rest. We usually do our main theme three times, a few words twice and the rest once. You can change the font, the orientation (we like 'mostly horizontal') and customize the colours. It's fun!