Happy Valentine's!

We had fun putting together this idea in August! I had to take the pictures in summer, right now you wouldn't even be able to see Mr Zebra's nose there is so much snow! The pictures bring back happy memories of me running along side the carousel ignoring the looks of other parents and my own husband.
It was also a good activity for categorizing animals, we sorted through many packages of farm friends and dinosaurs choosing just the right "WILD ANIMAL FRIENDS" to glue on. Quite a few "animal friends" have also landed in our permanent collection that now travel with us to swimming lessons, play dates and bedtime.

This activity was great for this little 2 year old and he took great pride in naming each animal as he handed them out to friends and family this week.

Hope your week is filled with love!


Jerri-Lea said...

That is brilliant!! I'll tuck that idea away for CD's valentine's next year at preschool...yikes preschool!

Jerri-Lea said...

We took pictures there for CJ's Madagascar party thank you notes!

Niki said...

So very cute.