First Family Picture! ...and month by month stickers!

Our first Family picture!

(please excuse my chins.....)

My heart is bursting with how much I love my new little boy. He is just as perfect as his big brother. He sleeps great, eats well and is happiest being held. He sings and coos and only cries if hungry or wet. I can't hold and snuggle him near enough. His big brother has discovered that the nursery TV has Treehouse and now keeps me/us company unless he is swimming with Daddy.

Boy I feel lucky.

(I don't know how I let my hubby look like this at work all day-he is just about as cute as our newest family member!)

I HAD to order these! HERE
ETSY is the best-can you believe that some one makes these! So smart!
How sweet! I can't wait to use them-look's like I need to stock up on white onsies from Carter's....hope a US trip is in the plans! Carter's is my favorite baby store-that is how my wonderful husband lures me to go with him on business trips! Big brother has been to Vegas 3 times- whatcha doing in August new baby, like bright lights?


Grace said...

Congratulations!! You all look so happy!! Grace xoox

Kelly Craig said...

If you are coming to Vegas we HAVE to get our new little families together!!! As of last month we are living part time @ Lake Las Vegas & Mexico City. Keep me posted of your plans!!

You look wonderful! Congrats 'cousin'!!!! :)

sassy said...

ahhh! Cousin Kelly! We will for sure go if you will be there! Husband gets invited ALL the time for work stuff.

the treat girl said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!! What a perfectly happy family :) snuggle every minute you can!