reggio bowls

Before baby I had all kinds of time to search for fun things. I found a ton of great wooden bowls and sorting trays for my friends pre-K classroom which is moving toward the Reggio Style I have talked about before.
I found great deals, the only problem will be getting them out of the house. I am starting to understand why Reggio is such a cool concept with young children.

After washing and sanitizing the bowls (buy used, save the difference!)I popped a few rocks in the bowl sorter thingy and had barely put it down before my little guy came over and started picking up the rocks two at a time asking me why his rocks were the same or different. Sure enough he would pick up two rocks and would tell me they were the same because they were two yellow rocks, then he went onto black and grey rocks. A few days later he noticed rocks with striped and rocks with chips or imperfections. The language we used/use is great. He is choosing what to discuss and it really holds his interest. I love the fact I don't have to make up 3 different voices for little people in a pirate ship for a change! (sorry Fisher Price little people, I do love you too!)

Ok, now I need to get a head start on finding another bowl for my friends class and also new natural ideas to offer to switch things up.

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oliver rain said...

I haven't stopped by for a while. Congratulations on your new boy! He's adorable.