5 months

Surprise! My sweet little boy you are 5months old already.

You have TWO TEETH!

Yup, early bird you are!

Your teeth have been bugging you at night and therefore we all hear about it. Many times. This past week we thought you were hungry so bought rice and oatmeal cereal for you. You still woke up every few hours. Hmmm. You were happy during the day just waking up 3-4 times a night. Hmmmm. Then POP! Two teeth.

You had 2 immunizations this month and gave Dr F a very dirty look when she was done. Other than that and a few tears you seem fine and handled it like a champ.

You smile at Pa the minute he walks in the house.

Your Dad scared the daylights out of you after coming home from work late and surprising you. You were all relaxed in your bathtub and chilling out when Daddy came in. You wouldn't even let him put your PJ's on you. (Ha ha-Mommy is your favorite!)

You gobble up your baby cereal at supper time.

You watch what people eat and drink like you are starving.

You reach for toys.

You like your rings best.

You can make 2 bugs pop out on your little bug poppy toy.

You say AAAaaa with a beautiful singing voice.

You sucked on your big brothers nose.

You tolerate a little shopping but HATE Fabricland. Must be the lights......

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes.

You are wearing all of your big brothers clothes-it is so sweet I just love seeing you grow into them.

You wake up at night because of your sore teeth/gums but you nurse and go right back to sleep.

You and your Dad usually play together for 1/2-1hour in the mornings so Mommy can sleep.
This usually involves you and Daddy being chased in circles downstairs by a crazed ninja or a brave knight wearing Spiderman Pj's and swinging one or several foam swords. Mommy knows this because she listens to every scream and footstep instead of sleeping.

You smile when someone smiles at you.

You are my sunshine.

You are 5 months old.

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Those jeans are just too much.