Christmas Planners

Looking for a way to get and stay organized this Christmas?

Then you must create yourself a Christmas Planner!

The girls came over the other night armed with great appetizers and their creativeness.

We got to work to help organize ourselves this Christmas.

Our motto be prepared and make lists! lists! lists!Composition notebooks were $1.
Ribbons scraps $0
Christmas scrapbook paper $10
Jewels and stickers and tags $3
For roughly $20 we worked liked bees and made 12 Christmas planners for friends and family....and ourselves of course!

They were super easy. Here is what we did.
Glue on ribbon, make sure you leave enough to tie-roughly 75cm.
Trace your front book cover onto your choice of paper. We found the book sizes to vary quite a bit so we did this individually for both front and back covers.
Add page separators. We labels ours to do, menu, gifts. Glue an envelope in the back for receipts. We also glues in November and December Calendar in the front for quick reference. There really is no wrong way to create and organization tool now is there!

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