dr seuss baby shower

Welcome new baby!

The party was great. The girls did a great job of set up-my smartest girlfriend ever co-hosted with her Mom in law who is super great too. SGE (smartest girlfriend ever) remembered all the details-like the books. They looked awesome and filled out the spots on the table perfectly. The GREEN eggs (devilled eggs) were brilliant and a touch that everybody noticed. (Thumbs up to Grandma Donna for whipping those up and to holding my baby while I ran around taking pictures and eating her green eggs!)

Mmm, gummy fish.

These are regular bulk barn gumballs. I bought a big bag and sorted colours. It made for a really customised look and I know I'll use the other colours later.

These were a favorite to make.

I filled 1x8 bags with tiny fishy candies that went with the whole one fish, two fish, red fish, new fish theme just perfectly.

I had so much fun chatting with all the girls and can't wait until that new baby comes over for a play-date!

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