little brother

 Little brother you are 1 year and 1 month old.
The month posts will stop......but not quite yet.  You are changing so much I just had to do one more.
You say Mumumum as clear as day-it melts my heart.  You also say dad--dad and your Dad beams every time you do.  You crawl all over.  You find things your brother never saw. 
You pull yourself up on the toy trunk, legs, chairs, the toilet, drawers and anything else. 
You swim like a fish. Swimming lessons are later this month and you proudly put your face in the water and blow bubbles on demand.  You jump in off the edge of the pool fearlessly.  You giggle and swim like a dolphin with anyone that will hold you.  You LOVE the hot tub.  You squeal until you are asked if you want to go in and then you smile. We are working on nodding yes.  You nod no to questions and when you are full or do not want something.  You are communicating better each day.  You nap in the mornings for about an hour and the odd afternoon.  You are still up twice a night and as soon as we get the all clear from our Dr about your ears Daddy will work his baby sleeping magic so Mommy can get some sleep.
You LOVE watermelon. You LOVE strawberries. You LOVE your big brother and ANYTHING he does.  You two could laugh all day at nothing at all.

Little boy you are so loved.

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