mint tea

I love tea. 
Coffee makes me feel funny.
I do like a little coffee as a dessert sometimes but at home, all winter for sure, I drink tea.
My Dads garden is wonderful.
My favorite area is the mint garden.
Mint can be a little invasive so my Dad (expert gardener) has a special area for mint.  The springs are long and bushy, leaves beautiful greens and so fragrant.
Every time my son walk by he picks a leaf and smells it and or eats it. "Smell Mommy, it is mint!"
I love it.
 So tonight I brewed a few cups of fresh mint tea for myself.
I made chocolate mint, regular mint and minty lime.
MMM. They were so nice hot.

But right now they are in the refrigerator cooling for tomorrow.
I plan to add a splash of simple syrup and serve them over ice, maybe a slice of citrus on the side.
I will enjoy the fresh mint as long as our day stay warm but my next idea is to dry the leaves so I can enjoy mint tea all winter long. Let me know if you have any tips!

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Jerri-Lea said...

I'll be looking forward to one when I get back!