little cabin in the woods

 My husband took a vacation.  Yup, we packed our bags and headed North. This was our little cabin in the woods.  It was tiny. It was spotless. It had hot water. It was perfect. 
We ate most of our meals outside on the picnic table but this one morning it was very wet outside so we picnic-ed inside.
The clear Tupperware bins may not be pretty but wow, they are practical!  My professional camping gal pal said they were a must when I asked her what to pack.  My favorite bin was the dirty laundry bin, dirty clothes always had a place to go and when I got home all the laundry went from the tub to the washer SO EASY!
We were in the water everyday.
 The beach was quite close.  Canoes and kayaks-little brother fell asleep sitting up in his life jacket the first trip.  He loved the canoe!

 Playing with the self timer.  Look closely for the hippy playing guitar in the trees :)
 The interpretive centre was fun to check out-so much time has gone into planning educational activities I was really impressed.

 This little boy LOVES the water!

Oh the squirrels!  I could watch and feed those sweeties all day long.  Little Brother wanted one so badly-he was close to catching himself one too but Big Brother stopped him!  Our last night this little boy fell asleep at his window after watching a deer eat leaves and the squirrels playing in the trees.
A great trip!


Niki said...

That looks like a great trip.
I love the idea of camping, but am less enamored with the reality so your cabin in the woods seems ideal.

Anonymous said...

The Kapasiwin cabins used to be our family's destination for many summers! Seeing your family's pictures brought back fond memories! We too, were impressed with the cleanliness, and the closeness to the lake!
Shelley in SK