My Mom

I said goodbye to my Mom today.
It was really hard.
My Mom was an amazing Mom.  She could do absolutely anything.  She cooked amazing family meals and made it look easy.  She could knit and crochet. She loved to bake and had so many special recipes. She was forgiving and kind, loving and tough.  She knew what to say and when but she also knew when to say nothing at all.  She raised her kids to be loving and kind, respectful and self confident. 
There was nothing my Mom couldn't do.
I can only hope I can live my life so my son's one day will love me as much as I love and respect my Mom. 
I will try to make her proud everyday by being a good Mom, Wife, Daughter and Sister and Friend.
Bye Mom, Love you.


Niki said...

Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
None of us ever believe that we can be as amazing as our mothers, but they thought that about their mothers, too.

Ellie said...

Your mom must have been a very special person to have raised such a capable and loving daughter/mom/friend/teacher. Be kind to yourself, take time to grieve and know that she will never really leave you. Your mom is a part of all you are, and all you will become. And don't forget that "crying lets the sad out."
Love, Ellie

Harley and Lindsay said...

Sending you love and prayers, Chantelle. She had to be truly amazing to raise such a wonderful daughter!

Hugs from Regina,


Jerri-Lea said...

You are an amazing woman!! A wonderful wife, magnificent mom, dynamic daughter, super sister and FABULOUS friend! You will always carry your mom in your heart ~ I know that's where you keep all your valuables!!! {hugs} JL

missLaura said...

Chantelle, I found your blog again. I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom must have been amazing and you are living proof. All the best to you during this difficult time!

-Laura (from swimming lessons & gymnastics)

Anonymous said...

Chantelle, I've just started reading your blog in the last month. I didn't know your Mom was ill...and I am so sorry! I will tell Melanie (Mrs. Faber to you) when I see her. She's off to visit HER boys in Calgary and get in a ski. She's been nursing her Mom for a few years, so you'll have lots to share.