a piano, a sword and a crown

 An odd combination you say? Not around here!
To keep things interesting we often use our creativity.
Do you know a four year old who would turn down an opportunity to practice piano dressed as a knight? 
 This knight runs to get his sword and a crown for the princess (that's me!)
He knows just how to melt my heart! (when it is hurting the most...)
 And so we bow to begin.
We stare at a dragon for concentration.
We sing:
I am Brave Knight (Last Name)
 I Slay You (I Love You) (keep sword handy to slay the dragon at the end, that is what the knight thinks the little shelf is for of course, a sword shelf.)
Run Dragon Run Dragon
And then he sings and plays Twinkle Twinkle for the princess for a kiss on the cheek.
From the look on his face above I know we will do this again and again.
He is so fun.
This week has been tough.  Two weeks since Mom passed.  I am so lucky to have my sweet boys to help me through.  I know she is still here, close, I can feel her sometimes but that is a story for another day.

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