20 Months Old

 You are 20 months old.  That is really close to 2!
When did that happen?
You are so full of life!  So full in fact you start each day at 5am, 6am if we are lucky.  You wake up, stand in your crib and yell "POTTY!" until someone comes to get you.  You are true to your word like clockwork so we don't mind.
 You love numbers. 8 and 2 are your favorites but 7 is close.  You point out numbers where ever we go, lockers at school, prices at Wal-Mart, Costco-you find numbers everywhere!
You like letters too.  You like pointing them out when you have them on your shirts.  You could stand and look in the mirror for hours.  I could look at you for hours too :)
You are not a fan of loud voices but love singing. You can sing a few words of Twinkle Twinkle, The ABC's, Mary Had A Little Lamb and even Cuckoo.  When you don't want to sing you sweetly say "No Sing".
Words we hear you say a lot are eat, potty, play, stairs, I keem (ice cream), fall, Pa, etters (letters), choo choo, water, gotch, books and guys.
Two word phrases are daddy's car, no gate, no socks, diaper on, diaper off, Pa's House, Daddy work, Mommy's beep (jeep), tank ooo (thank you), hat on, hat off, door off (door open) and hot tub.
You give tight hugs and fall a lot.
You take off your socks and shoes in the car everyday even though it is -20+ and there is 3 feet of snow outside.
You greet your Dad with the loudest holler of "DAAAAAD!" I have ever heard come out of something so small.
You love Tim Horton's muffins and immediately request a "nuffin" if we drive near.  You devour every bite.
You also eat apples with no skin (which makes me smile because your big brother is the exact opposite eating only the skin!), smoothies, strawberries, bacon, burger with no bun, spiral whole wheat noodles, steak, hot dogs, pizza, pears, peas, corn on the cob and rice.
You go to music once a week, gymnastics drop ins and will do swimming lessons again in the summer.
You are growing up quickly and your vocabulary amazes me.  You are starting to play more by yourself, especially with your puzzles-shape puzzle is a favorite.
Your blond hair is as soft as silk and your big eyes let you get your way more than you probably should.  You love to fall asleep in my arms and once in a while I let you and just hold you because in not too long you won't need me to anymore. 
I love you more each day little one.

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Jerri-Lea said...

Who is that little BOY ? No more be by at your house!!! Love reading about their likes and milestones!!