How did this happen?!
You are four.
You will be five in a few months. 
Kindergarten is 7 months away. You are reading now.
You are amazing.
It started with a reading program I use at school to teach sounds and sight words.  We would do a lesson or two a week after lunch. 
You work hard at school too. 
Your teacher tells me you like to offer words that begin with the sound of the week.
You love inviting me in to see your work matching words to pictures.
Then one day I open your backpack to find....your first home reading book!
A big step, huge!
A trip to the toy store big.
Now each time you have a new book from you school you are so proud to read it.  Once, usually read it 4 or 5 times the day you bring it home and a few more in the morning before school!  Fluency is coming.
I am so proud of you!

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