paint by number

 I grew up in a home where colouring books were taboo.
Why colour a picture that someone else had already drawn? Draw your own and colour those.
Now I am a Mom.  We did have one colouring book. Once.  If it is in eyesight my little artist won't draw so it only makes rare appearances-he never even asks for it :) (I like the mazes in it!)
So why the paint by number when this little one paints such beautiful pictures on his own...
Paint by numbers are fun to do together, just us time when little brother naps.  They require working memory-I have to say it over and over in my head, sixes are green, sixes are green.  I can't imagine how hard his little mind is working! We are required to mix colours to get the shades/hues we need.  Painting in the lines is a great fine motor skill. 
It is new!  New things are fun!
This paint by number was a dollar store purchase for three dollars, everything included.  We do two or three colours a day-great winter project!
Try one!

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