I love bannock. 
Working various summer camps during my summers bannock was a treat.
We made our first batch of campfire bannock this past weekend.
It was a hit.
 Flour, a pinch of salt and water.


 Wrap on a  stick.


We like our bannock with a little peanut butter too.
The air was crisp and there was snow in the bush but warm bannock was perfect.
For those of you who know me, you know I do not have a cat.
Yes that is my son, my cabin, my antique childrens desk from kijiji that I love but that is not my cat.  I had a very hard time explaining this to the cat.
The cat met us on a walk.
The cat followed us.
The cat stood at the window and meowed.
The cat came in.
The cat checked out each room.
The cat lay on the floor while I made supper.
The cat watched my son draw for twenty minutes.
My husband put he cat out.
Five minutes later the cat was back in.
The cat stayed for supper then my husband went to check on the cat.
Cat was curled up on my husbands pillow.
The cat was escorted home.
I love cats. This friendly feline let me carry her around and sat with me while I watched the boys play.  The cat also loved to watch the squirrel eat peanuts and try to carry away the bannock cooking stick up the tree with us.  Sadly I think the cat wanted to eat the squirrel. 
A very exciting animal filled weekend at the lake.


Jerri-Lea said...

Awwe! I'll bet Rascal 2.4 LOVED the cat!! Thanks for letting us pop in this afternoon!!
(Lovin' the new signature at the bottom of your posts :)

Anonymous said...

The cat looks like it belongs there. Maybe it is time you get a kitty for the Boys or at least that is the story you tell your husband.

Niki said...

Though I camped most of my life, I've never heard of bannock.
Definitely gonna try it at my next fire ring. Thanks!
BTW, I love, love, love the new banner and the color choice you've adopted.

Anonymous said...

Hey it may be a reincarnation of peppi just a different color you are famous for finding strays and bringing them home when you were little

sassy said...

eek! Peppi-I should have known it was you!