rascal 2.4

This little rascal loves the dock at the lake.
(I am never far behind, trust me.  I rarely take my camera on the dock and when I do I give myself the talk before had that if anybody small falls in the water the camera will probably go in too because I don't want to be the Mom with a great camera and no kids, I'd much rather be the Mom with no camera and great kids!)

 But when he does this, my heart drops...and stops.....
I think this dock is like 100 years old at least.
 ..and then he turns around and does this.  "What now Mom?"
"I'm not doing anything wrong...."
And then this smile with a hug so cuddly it cannot be put into words.
His face?  He had a run in with our new deck.  It was dark, I guess he didn't see it right at nose level....
Part of being two my poor little guy.  We are joining a gym club in winter to help with coordination :).
It actually looks worse in real life.
Little rascal, you've grown so fast. 
You are two and four months.
You love your Mommy and Bubble Guppies like crazy.
You won't drink milk. (thank goodness for IOGOO)
You love oatmeal.
You now proudly announce when you have to use the potty and made your first trip home from the lake dry!
Your favorite food is chips, fries.  When ever we pass a McDonald's you announce your hungry.
You drink tons of water and juice is big treat.
Costco pizza is a favorite meal to share with your Pa.
You won't go near your bike.  You prefer to be pushed in red car.
You fill your pockets with stones unless you are dropping them in any body of water close by including lakes, ponds and puddles.
You are a pro at doing canon balls into the pool.
You could eat rice everyday.
You make the kissy sounds but don't actually touch your lips to the person, very European.
You watch your big brother draw and are close to drawing a circle. 
You like it best when I trace your hand with brown marker and we draw leaves on it to make it a tree.
Phrases we hear a lot are:
 "Bubble Guppies please...pleeease....pleeeeeaaase!"
"Go potty now!"
"Water please"
"Goodnight Daddy, luv you"
"Paaa, nah!"
"Freddies!" (Shreddies)
"More muffin please"
You are sweet and have your own mind. You like puzzles and stacking wood shapes.  You love being read to and love reading your own books.  You sing some words in ABC"s, Twinkle Twinkle, and Mary Had a Little Lamb.
You are cuddly and love hugs and kisses from Mommy the best.
We love you!

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