Thanksgiving Sweaters

 It was cool and crisp, perfect sweater season.
 The lake was calm and we woke each morning to the squirrels throwing down pine cones onto the tin roof.  At five am. Nice.
 It was perfect.

 The dock has more loose boards than sturdy ones. I will cry when they pull it out for the new metal one next summer. This is our first dock.  I love this dock.  (How can I give it a new life....I am thinking coffee table....)
 This is our first canoe.  Hopefully our last too, those things cost a small fortune!
Big Brother is pulling up the canoe onto shore.  He is so happy to help Daddy.  It is much colder at the lake now, snow is in the bush.  I like the fact that the bears will probably be sleeping the next time we head up :)


sassy said...

Ugg. No. I wish. I thought the same thing when I saw the picture! Just bad posture and too much turkey!

Niki said...

I'm glad someone asked; i'm too shy to ask but was thinking the same thing.