guest performance

Big Brother was asked to play a special performance this past weekend.
The crowd was over 300 people.
He played confidently and with great expression.
Piano is in his heart.  Hard to explain.  So easy to hear him play.
Lesson three times a week.
Practice three times a day.
Never a complaint.
Serious sweetness with this boy.


Niki said...

How's about some video of him playing for those of us over 3000 miles away?

Ellie said...

The love of music is like the love of reading, once you are hooked you can never be un-hooked! It makes my music teacher heart so happy to see your son sharing what he loves. Until the self-conscious years arrive, enjoy the performances!

Jerri-Lea said...

Congratulations Sprout!! We will have to stop by for a private performance so you can inspire CD to take up piano!!