My Mom

It has been a year with out my Mom here on Earth with us.
Ok, without her as we know her. 
I dream of her watching over my boys.
Being Nana.
When I am at the lake I close my eyes and I can hear her voice.
I feel a calm wash over me.

 She cried when she held this now 2 year old for the first time.
I wish I had asked her why.
“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie
 I miss my Mom so much more than I ever could imagine.
When I get upset and can hear her voice telling me to be strong.
When I need advice I still ask her.
I am still learning from my Mom.  She had so many lessons to teach.
Thanks Mom.  Love you.


sassy said...

Thanks. My Mom was kind to everyone, too nice sometimes but that was just the way she rolled and that is why we loved her!

Ellie said...

I said goodbye to my dear dad just a few weeks after your mom passed. I still find myself thinking, "I must remember to tell dad that..." Missing someone is the price we gladly pay for having loved them.

Niki said...

She was lovely.
Sending you extra warm thoughts...

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see this on your blog, I miss her lots but have lots of great memories to remember and share with the kids


Anonymous said...

I miss her, too. Especially at Christmas - that dear Lady made holidays so special - I still use a lot of her recipes. xoxo the fan

Saucy said...

We miss her too! I was decorating my kitchen today for the holidays... she was the only person I ever knew to do that! She inspired me :)