my cabin is my castle

 Warm fuzzy woodland creature slippers.
I love these and purchased them in multiples.
I have specific pairs for certain places.
That is not weird, is it?
Mouse-city (school and piano and music)
Other Raccoon's-house
 Last minute flooring change. I've always loved river rock.
I'd tile myself in it I love it so much.
It will go under the crazy fireplace that I'm sure we'll never use because everyone tells us it is really good and we don't want to mess it up.
It will also go on a part of the wall.
Almost went white subway tile.  Eek. Silly me.  Can you imagine the lines with the farm house flooring!
 The laundry room/ entrance. Yup. Both all rolled into one.
Not for long!
This will be a mudroom.
Small but workable.
I've spent every waking moment available on pintrest looking at mudrooms. Open to any and all suggestions!

The snow.
 There was so much snow.
 Deep, fluffy snow.
 We had so much fun!

Hey, the barn door is up!
More wood, I know I know but I had to have my barn door.  There is just not enough wood on the walls....The walls may change to white, we will see.

It was great family weekend.
Unfortunately it ended up with ANOTHER trip to the ER.
Little Brother again.
Big Brother and I were at piano and Little Brother and Daddy had some fun at the pool.  Too much fun I guess to walk up the stair son feet instead of heads.  Ugg, No stitches just glue.  Tons of crying, mostly me.


Jerri-Lea said...

Oh dear!! Little brother!
I see the familiar knight costume... glad little brother put it over some snow clothes (a lot more than last time I saw him in it!) TEE HEE

Niki said...

I live quite a few latitude degrees below you so it will be a while before I have this kind of snow.
I always wait and hope and pray for it; then remember that I am a grown up and have to shovel the driveway!

Saucy said...

I would dare you to whitewash those walls... then the wood of the barn door would really pop. I think I have a few magazine cutouts of cabins for you, if I can lay a hand to them.