a fresh breath of air

The weather and gloom were just too much for me this year. 
I needed a new, fresh breath of air and I didn't even realize how much I needed it until today! 
Little Brother and I dressed up in our rain boots and headed out for some fun.
I knew it would probably end with wet pants and water spilling out of our rubber boots but I got even more out of our afternoon of play than I expected.
As he splashed I splashed. We laughed.  We really laughed. I stopped caring about how dirty and the water splashing us was and started being thankful for being able to splash with this sweet little guy. 
He reminded me that you don't need anything but a good attitude to have fun. Real fun. Not fake fun. 
He reminded me that all he needs is love and attention, honest love and honest attention. 
He reminded me that the will not be two forever and someday he won't want to splash in a puddle and I will probably miss that.
He reminded me why I should leave the cell phone in my purse.
He reminded me of what true happiness is.
He reminded me it is not the destination, it is the journey.
A fresh breath of air. Just what I needed!

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