our family will be growing by two feet!

 This is my happiness!
We have five bedrooms upstairs and they are filling up fast!
It sure is hard to mark papers and keep my mind on grocery list items lately.
Everything in the nursery is still intact we just need tot restock and evict the tenant....his new big boy bed in his new room just isn't quite interesting enough to him yet.  He will get there, when we are all ready!

For now we enjoy sporadic baby talk. In the middle of a meal baby name discussions, holiday planning (one last trip as a family of four!), and summer vacations plans that will need to happen around the arrival of this must anticipated and long awaited bundle of joy.  My email is full of "I knew it would happen soon, glad your wait is over!" and "can't think of two more deserving Parents!"  My heart is full and although number 3 didn't happen as quick as we would have liked we are so thrilled and excited and happy that we are blessed again!
I love the cleaning out of closets and the pantry while the 3 boys play in the hot tub or in the snow.  My mind wanders as I build hotwheel tracks and lego creatures to how lucky I am to be a Mom once again.  How important the support and love of family and friends are. It reminds me to take nothing for granted, every breath, every kind and thoughtful person in our lives, every second is precious.  Each snuggle with my sons and each movie night or workout with my husband.  (workouts, yes, I have to build up stamina for an upcoming trip that will involved LOTS of walking and bathing suits!)

My Mom was in my dream last night.  We were visiting and talking and then I remembered that  I hadn't told her I was pregnant and it was suddenly time to go.  I touched her warm arm and said, "Mom, I didn't tell you I am pregnant!" She smiled so warmly and said, "I know Honey, I know."  When I woke up this morning it was like I had really talked with her.  In my heart I feel that she does know.  My Mom was always one of the first people to hold my babies in the hospital.  She also slept with the phone while I labored for 26 hours with our first son. Other than my husband and myself there was no one I trusted more with our brand new baby than my Mom. My heart aches that she will not be there in the hospital room this time.  I know I will wait to see her and she will not come. 
Life is a blessing. Each day.  Being prego makes me emotionally in a really good way (most of the time!).  I play "run" with my favorite 2 year old instead of unloading the dishwasher.  I draw and journal with my favorite 5 year old instead of checking my email.  I put off marking to go on a quick date quick my husband.  I have tea with my Dad more often instead of blogging, like I am about to do now.

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Niki said...

Enjoy this wonderful time.
I am also sure that your Mom knows and will be the first one in the room to see #3, even if you can't see her.