The first picture makes me laugh. 
I was attempting to get quick picture of a new cook book I picked up at Costco that has a few good ideas for the baby shower I am co hosting.  The lighting on our hardwoods is great, way better than our black granite so I more often than not take advantage of the great light and photograph tons on the floor.
Something photo bombed my photo!
It was that sweet little baby we have yet to meet!
I'm still in my regular clothing but the zippers on my Lulu hoodies are getting snug :)  Time to up size the hoodies!
I feel super great and Dr. says baby is BIG!  Makes me feel like I'm doing a good job as a Mom already!
Have you read this book?
There are a few recipes that look yummy and we can't wait to try.
The photography is good too.
So much fun to cook with great tools, I have a super great set of pots.  Go titanium go!
Off to try a new recipe!

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