welcome little cupcake

My newest niece has arrived!
8lbs 4oz of perfect sweetness! I am lucky enough to host a shower for my big sis on September 10th.
The theme is
"welcome little cupcake"
...and I can't wait to stick these stickers on invites and favors and cards and presents and glasses and anything else I can think of on the next 3 weeks! Thanks again Delight Designs!

Congratulations to Jerri-Lea...lucky for you The Sprout picked his favorite number .......1 and seeing as you made the 1st comment that means you can convo Delight Designs to set up your very own order! Don't forget to share your creations on your blog!
Any tips for my baby cupcake shower planning anyone?


Jerri-Lea said...

Yay us!! Thanks Foster! I'll let CJ know, she'll be thrilled to help pick out some snazzy stickers!

I'll start thinking about the shower ideas, maybe we can do some more brainstorming on our next visit. Are open afternoons on Wed, Thurs, & Fri next week (after I've been to work!)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

you could have picked a better picture, mom does not look so hot after that delivery but yes she is an angel


Anonymous said...

I think 'Mom' looks just fine...and the new baby? Priceless! Do we have a name for her yet? xoxo the fan

Saucy said...

We need a name for that new baby of ours!! How about... Libby?

tee hee

Jerri-Lea said...

Can you stamp and colour little cupcakes on a onesie? Maybe find some cupcake fabric (if you do let me know!) and put some ruffles on the butt. Or applique some cupcakes on a few bibs?
Ooo, what about stamping on napkins?
If you have cupcake scrapbook paper (let me know if you found some of that too) you could make the little sour cream treat containers we made at Christmas!
That's all for now!

KAGS Herself said...

Dang I missed that give away!
Surely Mrs Saucy will be creating a diaper cupcake for the new baby?
Cupcakes to match the name of the new baby?

Dionne said...

Awww what a cutie. Congrats on your new niece!

Hmmmm... a Baby Cupcake Shower.... you should do the Tablespoon cupcakes! See here: