Apple On A Stick Apple on a stick, apple on a stick I can lick it all day and not get sick.
Apple in a cup, apple in a cup I can drink it all day and not fill up.
Apple in a crunch, apple in a crunch I can eat it all day, it is so good to munch
Apple in a cake, apple in a cake I can eat it all day with no tummy ache
Apple in a pie, apple in a pie I can eat it all day and never cry.
Apple in a dish, apple in a dish I can eat it all day, it's so delish!

My good buddy JL and her gals brought us over a basket of apples. The Sprout fell in love instantly with these crisp balls of goodness......and JL's daughters.

As the Sprout munched I pondered all the yummy treats I could whip up with these tiny bites of deliciousness.

Here is what I came up candy apples!
Want to give them a try? Dust off that candy thermometer and tighten any loose fillings!

Corn syrup (1/2 cup)
Use light corn syrup if you want to color your coating.
Sugar (2 cups)
If you use brown sugar your candy coating will take on its darker color. The molasses in the sugar may also make your mixture more susceptible to burning.
Water (3/4 cup)
Food coloring (if desired), (1/2 tsp)

Candy Coating Goodness

1. Cook over medium-high heat.
2. Stir to dissolve the sugar.
You want the sugar to dissolve before the mixture boils; this will help prevent crystallization.
3. Bring the mixture to a boil.
Reduce the heat to a medium-low flame if you are using brown sugar. This will take longer, but if you have the heat on a higher flame you risk burning the sugar.
4. Don't stir when it starts to boil now to avoid crystallizing the candy. Instead, use your pastry brush to brush the pot's sides with warm water, to prevent crystals from forming.
5. Simmer until the candy reaches 290 degrees Fahrenheit.
6. Remove the candy from heat when it's at 290 degrees Fahrenheit.
Sugar is at the soft-crack stage at this temperature. For a lighter, more brittle candy shell, heat the sugar more. Remove it from heat when it's between 300 and 310 degrees Fahrenheit.
If you heat the sugar to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, place the pot in a cold water bath when you remove it from the stove, to stop the sugar from cooking.

I also made a few carmel apples......and promptly ate them!

What is your favorite apple recipe?


Jenn said...

Yummy. They look so good all wrapped up! My brother-in-law made some crab apple jelly. I tried it today. So good!

Saucy said...

Just make sure The Sprout doesn't eat too many of those treats, or he will end up with what Veto calls "the green apple two-step"... the first time that phrase slipped out of his mouth I fell off my chair laughing.

oliver rain said...

Our favourite apple recipe isn't such a recipe because all me do is cut up apples and dip them in nutella microwaved and thinned with a touch of milk. MMMM.

Jerri-Lea said...

You should see the apples NOW! They are huge, red and if you are in the yard you can hear them THUD as they hit the ground. Round 2 of candy apples went much better!! CD destroyed a shirt as she licked the candy off one! It was a terrible red, drooly mess!

Kate said...

Sassy...those were TO. DIE. FOR!!! Thank-you! My apples weren't quite so big but my boys looked the same as your sweet one! Up to their elbows in the 5 gallon pail just munching away. Is there anything better then apples off the tree??? I make apple jelly with the juice and apple butter with the pulp. FAB for toast with tea on a very cold Saskatchewan morning!

MJ said...

Yummy candy apples! I love the caramel apples too so don't blame you for promptly eating them! There's a reason why caramel doesn't come to my house!