cupcake truck

Oh Cousin Saucy.......does this give you any ideas? I think this idea is fantastic!

Cupcakes to go-go-go!

I'm not quite sure how well foot traffic would be in winter here in Saskatchewan? Maybe we could sell frozen cakes!

Wait a minute......mmmmmmm! I remember these yummy frozen treats when we were in Arizona! Chocolate shell filled with ice cream and topped with creamy whipped cream...delish!

Readers......what would like to you sell from a truck?
Pink in the City says she knows of MORE great trucks like this one she shared. I can't wait to see! Check out her blog, she finds the most creative things!


Laura ~ all about Pretty! said...

Hello, happened across your blog and noticed you live in Canada so wanted to say Hi from Coaldale, Alberta. What a lovely family you have, such a blessing! Where did you see that cupcake truck, what a divine idea! If you have time please pop by my blogs for a visit. If you love antiques, art & craft you may be interested in our up and coming, new style of antique show June 2010 in Priddis, close to Calgary. God bless!


Grace said...

hi So this past weekend I was in the Hampton's in NY and guess what??? My cupcake truck was there yet again! This time Free Cupcakes...tiny ones! I have to get the rest of the cool NYC Food Sweets trucks and post...did you see the Belgium waffle one in my post under the cupcake truck? I would love to do a salad and sandwich truck...or a sweets one...(u will love that one have to go look for it tomorrow) Hugs Grace xoxox

cupcake studio said...

That is soooo better than the ice cream truck!

Saucy said...

I adore this idea... oh, the fun we could have. You drive and I get to ring the bell!