First Chance!

Thanks for all your GREAT suggestions!
is really hit home with me right now
and Kristy
really looks good in clay.
I'll get your info and pop those into the mail for you this week.
I liked all the other suggestions SO much if you come and see me at the First Chance Sale on Sunday I'll let you have your pick of any clay pendant. Just come and introduce yourself - it would be my honor to meet such smart and sassy gals!
Drum roll please........I will also be posting these in my etsy store later this week. I have opened a store called Sweetsassystudio! I have not posted stock yet but will shortly-stop in and take a peek when you get a chance!
Thanks again everyone!


Jerri-Lea said...

Congrats on opening up shop!! You are such a talented, sweet, genuine person! We are SO GLAD to know you!!!

Saucy said...

And YAY!!!!

We will be sitting beside each other at FIRST Chance! I can hardly wait. We'll surely make a run for Starbucks, right??

Grace said...

Wow congratulations on your shop! Very cool!! Hope and Balance perfect words! Hope you sell all your stuff! Grace

Anonymous said...

great idea on the etsy shop...
save a couple for me...i NEED them!!!
ps can't wait til sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I'm so excited you choose my word!! I cannot wait to wear it!! You have my email already (from the charm swap)...but here it is, in case you've misplaced it. Hopefully I'll see you at the sale!