Halloween Soap

Have you seen the cutest soap in the world!
Our good friends at Bath and Body Works will have their work cut out for them when McDreamy arrives with the shopping list I printed out for him in Chicago this week.
H1N1 lookout! This house is stocking up on soap, soap and more soap. I ordered a few extra for The Sprout's Daycare because I thought they were super cute and kid friendly.
What is your favorite hand washing kid trick?


jkddz said...

I love that no matter what an older kids will answer that they have indeed washed their hands! a little daycare trick was ... for me to ask them if I could smell their hands... that was quickly followed with a dash right back into the bathroom to wash a bit more!!!

have a great weekend!

Karen of the KAGS said...

I'm a bit crueller than Miss Kari - I usually remind them of things that could still be on their hands and where they are about to put them! That usually does the trick - e yuw!

Kate said...

We sing a song...then at least I know (even if I am not right beside them in the bathroom) that water and soap have touched their hands for more than 10 seconds. EEEEWWWWW to cold and flu season! I always think of the people who don't wash their hands and then BITE THEIR NAILS!!! Yuck, yuck yuck!

Saucy said...

Ha ha we do the smell trick around here "I think your hands smell like hands" IS NOT A GOOD THING for me to mumble to Loopy or Buddy and off they go.

Buddy has a secret penchant for the warm apple hand wash from Sephora so I stock up on it for him when I'm there, and Loopy's is American Girl, of course. She keeps a pump of AG sanitizer in her locker at school and dolls it out to her peeps... I'd complain, but sharing that type of thing is good these days!!

karen said...

Hi Sweet Sassy

I am just dropping by to thank you for the sweet pumpkin, slice of pie and chocolate charms that you gave for Saucy's Halloween swap. They arrived today and I am delighted with them and so appreciative. I really liked your sticker too.

Jerri-Lea said...

When I worked in kindergarten I would stand at the sink and TEACH the little ones how to wash their hands! Remarkable how many thought quickly sticking your hands in cold running water and out as quickly as possible wash 'washing your hands'. So they got these directions "in, soap, make bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, tops, bottoms, in between, tickle tickle (to wash the palms), bubble, bubble, rinse."
Now at high school many need to be reminded to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze!

Joanne said...

I have that same Halloween soap from BBW in my bathroom! FUN!