puff puff

Nana is still in ICU and has wonderful nurses and Dr's taking care of her.
She is not in pain and is sleeping 99% of the time so her body can heal.
She opened her eyes once yesterday with Yoda.
Rest is best. She needs a little help to breath and the ventilator helps her. She has to initiate the puff and then the ventilator kicks in, amazing machine.
Nana is expected to be ICU for a while longer.
Family is allowed in the ICU 24/7-that really helps.
Yoda is OK-if you see him tell him to get some rest.
I am off to make sure he eats lunch and will try to convince him to nap with The Sprout.
Please pray for no infections, Nana's comfort and strong lungs.

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Jerri-Lea said...

Get strong Nana! Make sure you take care of yourself too Sassy!
Left you a message.