lesson #1

kids are work, but the kind of work you love
lesson #2
photographers of children should be paid more, lots more. And then more.

lesson #3
I am not and never will be a photographer. I have stopped pretending as of... now.
lesson #4
a wagon can be used as a weapon. They should put this on the box.
lesson #5
my sister is insane. 3 kids under 2.5 years. poor thing, I must also add that she is allergic to alcohol. poor poor sis.


jkddz said...

My one friend had 3 under three as well.. and the other had 4 under five!! and I am so happy I can just be 'Auntie' Kari, for a few hours at a time!
Don't get me wrong I love kids (ran daycare for 8years and now an EA in Kindergarten) BUT I think I would be the LB's main buyer of PIMMS if I was in their shoes!!!

jkddz said...
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bamemories said...

Wow, so ironic that you're posting about your sisters kids. I just posted my sisters brand new twin baby girls. She now also has 3 kids (and all girls!) under the age of 2 1/2. I'm glad I'm not doing it!

Anonymous said...

All those kids and can't DRINK!! You're right - poor, poor thing....D

Anonymous said...

Only allergic to beer if I couldn't have a drink once in awhile I would go crazy

Love the pictures of the boys

Love your sis