Nana Update and Halloween

I'm not sure what to say.....Nana is not doing great. The operation was very hard on her weak body. She has a little pneumonia in one lung and her blood pressure is up.

We went to visit her in our costumes today. The Sprout is still not feeling 100% so we didn't make any other stops for visits. He loved his costume(when Daddy put it on) and fell asleep on the way home form the hospital.

Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers-she really needs them to help her along the path to recovery. She is fighting hard and needs our love. NEEDS our love. Please pray for Nana's comfort(no pain), for her blood pressure to be normal and for no more infections.

It is getting harder to do the everyday things like go to COSTCO or eat supper..........this time last week Nana, Sprout and I were playing ring around the rosie...

puff puff

Nana is still in ICU and has wonderful nurses and Dr's taking care of her.
She is not in pain and is sleeping 99% of the time so her body can heal.
She opened her eyes once yesterday with Yoda.
Rest is best. She needs a little help to breath and the ventilator helps her. She has to initiate the puff and then the ventilator kicks in, amazing machine.
Nana is expected to be ICU for a while longer.
Family is allowed in the ICU 24/7-that really helps.
Yoda is OK-if you see him tell him to get some rest.
I am off to make sure he eats lunch and will try to convince him to nap with The Sprout.
Please pray for no infections, Nana's comfort and strong lungs.

Nana Update...

Thank you for all your kind words.
The surgery went as expected with no major complications.
Today was a bit rough though. As Nana was taken off of oxygen, one of her lungs collapsed. The Dr's fixed her up quickly by putting in a chest tube. When we saw her after that she was doing well (no pain). The Sprout had fun kicking a blown up rubber glove up and down the hallway of the observation unit. (sorry nurses- the other patients and I got a good laugh though! That Grandpa of ours always gets us into trouble!)
Later (about 10 pm) we got a call from the nurse to tell us that it looks like Nana needs a little bit more help breathing so they are going to move her back to ICU and they might have to put her back on the ventalator for a while. Just until she gets a little stronger. I am off to be with Yoda and Nana at the hospital. Will keep you all posted.

First Chance!

Thanks for all your GREAT suggestions!
is really hit home with me right now
and Kristy
really looks good in clay.
I'll get your info and pop those into the mail for you this week.
I liked all the other suggestions SO much if you come and see me at the First Chance Sale on Sunday I'll let you have your pick of any clay pendant. Just come and introduce yourself - it would be my honor to meet such smart and sassy gals!
Drum roll please........I will also be posting these in my etsy store later this week. I have opened a store called Sweetsassystudio! I have not posted stock yet but will shortly-stop in and take a peek when you get a chance!
Thanks again everyone!

what do you love?

Life is busy.

I love to be busy but do you ever feel there are just too many things to do and not enough minutes?

I love to spend time with my son.

I also love it when he sleeps.

I love to spend time creating in my studio. (that's what I do when he sleeps if my homework is done!)

I have been making time for myself to do this lately and am having so much fun.

I switch between clay and glass depending on my mood.

Here are a few pendants I made the other day while The Sprout chased his ball around the floor of my studio, thank goodness for in floor heat and shop vacs.

I love my loves but I need a few more ideas for words. Preferably short words.

If I like your idea and use it I'll send you one so don't forget to leave me your email or blog link in the comment box.

Thursdays With Grandpa

Thursday is a special day for The Sprout-he and Grandpa spend the morning together while Sassy learns about Educational Research (eres.800) for 3 hours.

The Spout LOOOOVES his Grandpa.
Sassy LOOOOOVES Grandpa
because he wears The Spout right out.
I repeat right out.

This shopping trip was about a 1/2 hour after a 2 hour nap.

I have no idea what games you play Grandpa but Mothers all over the world would pay big bucks to learn your secrets!

Halloween Soap

Have you seen the cutest soap in the world!
Our good friends at Bath and Body Works will have their work cut out for them when McDreamy arrives with the shopping list I printed out for him in Chicago this week.
H1N1 lookout! This house is stocking up on soap, soap and more soap. I ordered a few extra for The Sprout's Daycare because I thought they were super cute and kid friendly.
What is your favorite hand washing kid trick?

16 years...

How do you have a party for a 16 year old boy......


Skulls and Money Theme!

Killer Beef Dips, Fret Board Fries and Strawberry Shortcake Slasher were on the menu last week.

I had to add this last picture of our tough guy reading Big Birds ABC's to the Sprout. The Sprout chose the book and took it right to his big buddy. It seems like yesterday this 16 year old and I were watching Lamb Chops and reading Big Bird.

silly sunday supper and striped shirts

Love these 3 boys. They each mean the world to me in such different ways. I could not be happier or luckier. I picked The Sprout's shirt up at The Gap for under $10 in the summer, Yoda's was $12 on sale last week. Sweet McDreamy went digging through his closet to find a close match so he could be one of the 3 striped sillies. They each wore their shirt with pride, The Sprout would pull at his and then point to Yoda's. He knew. I am so lucky.
What makes you feel lucky?


lesson #1

kids are work, but the kind of work you love
lesson #2
photographers of children should be paid more, lots more. And then more.

lesson #3
I am not and never will be a photographer. I have stopped pretending as of... now.
lesson #4
a wagon can be used as a weapon. They should put this on the box.
lesson #5
my sister is insane. 3 kids under 2.5 years. poor thing, I must also add that she is allergic to alcohol. poor poor sis.