thrifty thursday find

rick rack
I just like to say it
all this was under $2
hmmm, now I need some ideas of what to use it for!


Vanessa said...

Nice find. I plan to sew a few bibs for my squirt and these make awesome fancy edges around the bottom!

Jerri-Lea said...

Careful scrapdivalicious doesn't roll you for it!! Good find! CJ and I may do some thrifting today.
Totally forgot that today was Thursday, hope you are not waiting at npw!!

Sheryl said...

I loooooovvvvveeeee RICK RACK!!! This stuff is so much fun to use. Good find...Good price!!

Kate said...

BWAHAHAHA! JL you are funny. I scored a HUGE amount of ric rac at the Gateway notions sale for an insanely low price and then got a whole bag of remnants for free just for organizing the box. I did this because I was waiting in a reeeeeaaaaalllyyyy long line up and had nothing else to do. Kindness and consideration go a long way! As for projects, I don;t have girls but ric rac is great for spicing up the bottoms of capris and the cuffs of shirts. And scrapbook pages of course!

Niki said...

SO pretty!
I really like the purple; Id use it to trim a lampshade.
The gold and silver would nicely drss up homemage ornament.
Please share what you do with it!

the treat girl said...

I loooove rick rack too!!!!! Wouldn't it be cute to cut off a pair of jeans into capris...(or even white jeans) and use several different colors/sizes to trim the bottoms?? I love Thrifty Thursdays!

Doreen said...

Wow, nice score! I love rick rack too!! I just got the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and they have a cute mini pumpkin (not for sale, just a cute decoration) with a piece of rick rack wrapped around it! Clever and cute. They have another bigger pumpkin with a ribbon around it. Love those ideas! I think you can see them online too.
Wish I could find good thrift shops in my area of Florida!!